Talks for Category: Theology

Development of Christian Doctrine

A Study of Newman’s Thought

Quanta Cura

A Study of the Syllabus of Errors

De Ecclesia

The Nature of the Church & the Salvation of the World

Ministers of Fire

A Patristic Study of the Angels

De Fide

The Study of the Theological Virtue of Faith

Glory to God!

The Angelic Choirs & the Nativity of Christ

Ever Ancient, Ever New

The Development of Dogma & So-called "New Light"

Answering Atheism

Aquinas' Five Ways for the Existence of God

The Mother of God?

Cyril of Alexandria and the Nestorian Heresy

All is Vanity

The Theology of Ecclesiastes

Protoevangelium of James

The Early Life of the Blessed Virgin


Its History & Errors

Deconstructing the Bible

Understanding the Crisis in Biblical Interpretation

Like One of These

Becoming Children of Faith

Come, Let Us Die With Him

Dying to Self and Living for Christ


Understanding Christian Divinization

Hypocritical or Holy?

Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving

Weeds Among Wheat

Gnosticism & the Revelation of God

Behold the Glory

Christ, the Temple of God

Dancing with the Devil

The Errors of Liberation Theology

False Dichotomy

Religious Belief and Public Morality

The Crusades

At War for God

Riding on the Clouds of Heaven

A Study of the Second Coming

Sacrificed to God

The Mystery of Holy Easter

Blood of the Martyrs

Watering the Fields of Evangelizaton

Piercing Your Heart

Learning to Sacrifice with Mary

Ashes to Ashes

An ICC Lenten Retreat

Weeds of Heresy

And the Early Councils of the Church

Light of the World

A Study of Christ's Sermon on the Mount

Feasts of the Jews

Understanding the Jewish Festal Cycle and its Fulfillment in Christ

The World Did Not Know Him

The Incarnation and the Spiritual War of Our Time

Who Am I To Judge?

Divine Mercy and Diabolical Deception

Jubilee of Mercy

Finding Freedom from Spiritual Bondage

Limits of Power

Popes, Councils, Synods, and the Infallibility of the Catholic Church

Unworthy of Christ

A Biblical Defense of Catholic Communion


Its History and Theology

First Fruits

The Paschal Mystery and Christian Divinization

Transforming Creation

The Paschal Mystery and the Sacraments of the Church

Walking With God

Ethics in the Catholic Tradition

Driving Out Demons

Christ’s Ministry on the Sea of Galilee

Encountering Christ

An ICC Dinner Discussion on the New Evangelization

Peace on Earth and the Sword of Christ

Understanding Authentic Peace with the Church Fathers

Jolly St. Nick?

Reclaiming Christmas for Christ

Sing to the Lord a New Song

An Advent Journey Through the Psalms

From Corruption to Christ

Saving Society with the Salt of Sanctity

Spirits of Light and Darkness

A Study of Angels and Demons

I Am Who Am

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Born Without Sin

A Study of the Immaculate Conception

Kingdom of the Cults

Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, Scientology, Baha’i, and the Masonic Lodge

St. John Paul II’s Novo Millennio Ineunte

A Vision for the Future of the Church

Veritatis Splendor

The Modern Moral Crisis and the Way of Truth

Orientale Lumen

An Introduction to the Christian East

Dies Domini

Learning to Live the Lord’s Day Today

History of Heresy and Road to Orthodoxy

The Early Councils of the Church

Converting the Pagans

How Christianity Baptized Greek Philosophy

Go Forth with Hearts on Fire

A Reflection on the New Evangelization


A Biblical Study on the Baptism of the Lord

Mary, the New Eve

Untying the Knot of Sin

Suffering with God

Job and the Attacks of the Evil One

Catholic for a Reason

Stories of Conversion to the True Faith

Dignitatis Humanae

Religious Liberty and the Freedom of Conscience

Body and Soul

A Study of the Feast of the Assumption

Are You Saved?

The Catholic Doctrine of Predestination

Call No Man Father

A Biblical Study of the Catholic Priesthood

Fides et Ratio

The Role of Faith in a Rational World

The Gift of the Holy Spirit

Understanding Pentecost with the Church Fathers

Faith Alone?

A Catholic Perspective on St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans

Are You Free?

Luther’s Error and the Catholic Response

Whatever You Ask in My Name

The Importance of Prayer in the Eastern Christian Tradition

Saint Augustine

Free Will and the Grace of God

Roots of the Mass

A Study of the Jewish Influence on the Divine Liturgy

Dei Verbum

Keys to Understanding the Word of God

Creed or Chaos

An Introduction to the True Faith

Defending Priestly Celibacy

Understanding the Modern Vocations Crisis

Idol Worship

A Catholic Defense of Sacred Images

Shine! Shine! O New Jerusalem!

Understanding the Resurrection with the Church Fathers

The Lamb of God

Understanding the Sacrifice of Christ

Outside the Church There Is No Salvation

Understanding Catholic Ecclesiology

Hammer of the Heretics

St. Athanasius and the Council of Nicaea

The Death of Adam and the Birth of Christ

Understanding the Nativity of God

Vatican I and Vatican II

Papal Primacy and Episcopal Power

The Holy Mysteries

Sacraments in Sacred Scripture

The Didache

The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles

Alpha and Omega

God the Father, Creator of the World

The Holy Spirit

The Gift of God

Shadow, Image, and Reality

The Church as Sacramental Building

Living the Virtuous Life Today

Challenging the Modern Culture

True Justice and the Unknown

An Introduction to the Theological Virtues

True Justice and the Mercy of God

An Introduction to the Cardinal Virtues

Natural Law

The Image of God in the Heart of Man


The Crescent and the Cross


Origins and History

Flesh and Blood

A Study of the Incarnate Word

Saint Athanasius

On the Incarnation

Moral Relativism

Roots of the Modern Crisis

The Seven Deadly Sins

Lenten Reflections

The Protestant Revolution

Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli

The Mystery of Marriage

Saint Paul and the Covenant

Catechism 201

The Sacraments

Saint Dominic and the Preachers

A Crusade for the Kingdom

Science and Religion

Compatible or Combative?

Icons of Conversion: St. Josephine Bakhita

From Muslim Slavery to Faith in Christ

Icons of Conversion: St. Augustine

Standing Before the Lord

Icons of Conversion: St. Paul

An Apostle for Christ

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