Talks for Category: History

Pilgrims for Christ

St. Columcille and the Saints Who Converted Ireland

Faith of Our Fathers

The Glory of Catholic Ireland

Witnesses for Christ

Understanding the Age of the Martyrs

Island of Salvation

The Birth of Celtic Christianity

Out of the Mist

The Rise of the Ancient Celtic People

Division & Development

The Council of Chalcedon and the Catholic Communion

The Oriental Christians

A Story of Faith

Fleeing for Fear

The Faithful Remnant During the Babylonian Exile

The Pope & the Jews

The Story of Pius XII


Its History & Errors

Preaching Christ

St. Dominic Against the Albigensians

Crusading King

The Story of St. Louis IX

The Road to Nicaea

The Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council

Our Lady of Guadalupe

& the Conquest of Darkness

God of Gods

Julius Caesar & the Advent of Christ

The Guillotine and the Cross

The Rise of the Vendée

Courage and Cowardice

The Rise and Fall of Catholicism in U.S. Political Life

Indulgences, Relics, and Rome

The Catholic Church and the Protestant Revolution

Principles of Liberty

A Study of the Magna Carta

The Crusades

At War for God

Controlling the Kingdom

The Battle of Hastings and the Future of England

Blood of the Martyrs

Watering the Fields of Evangelizaton

While Rome Was Burning

The Corruption of Nero and the Persecution of Christians

Weeds of Heresy

And the Early Councils of the Church

Not One Stone

The Story of the Fall of Jerusalem

Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes

Preparing for the Messiah

Reagan, Thatcher, and the Pope

The Fall of the Soviet Union

Saving Civilization

The Story of St. Benedict of Nursia

Pange Lingua

Celebrating the Feast of Corpus Christi

The Great Plague

How Black Death Changed the Face of Christendom


Its History and Theology

Confronting Attila the Hun

The Life of Pope St. Leo the Great

The Baptism of Clovis

And the Conversion of Europe

Driving Out Demons

Christ’s Ministry on the Sea of Galilee

Slaughter of the Innocents

Yesterday and Today

War of Gods and Demons

The Fall of Carthage and Rise of Rome

The Armenian Death March

And the Formation of the Modern Middle East

Galileo on Trial

Why the Church was Right

Fall of Constantinople

And the Rise of the Ottoman Turks

St. Patrick

Apostle to Ireland

History of Heresy and Road to Orthodoxy

The Early Councils of the Church

The Fertile Crescent

Cradle of Civilization and Crossroads of War

Burning Fire, From Retaliation to Resurrection

The Future of Christianity in Egypt and in our World Today

Render Unto Caesar

The Catholic Church’s Role in Politics Today

The Bible and the Qur’an

Can They Both Be Right?

Blood Brothers

The Unforgettable Story of a Palestinian Christian Working for Peace in Israel

From Death to Life

A Study of the Holy Women of the Roman Canon

Saints Cyril and Methodius

The Christening of Eastern Europe

Tidings of Great Joy

Revealing God’s Plan for the Incarnation

Forming Sacred Scripture

Understanding How the Bible Came to Be

The Last Crusade

The Story of the Spanish Civil War

Idol Worship

A Catholic Defense of Sacred Images

Hammer of the Heretics

St. Athanasius and the Council of Nicaea

Roots of Immorality

The Aftermath of the 1930 Lambeth Conference

The Closing of the Muslim Mind

How Intellectual Suicide Created the Modern Islamist

Constantine the Great

Converting the World to Christ

The Gospel of Matthew

The Life of the Son of God

Preparing the Way of the Lord

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Community of the Essenes

The Great Schism

1054 and the Councils of Reconciliation

The Cleaving of Christendom

The Story of the Church of the Second Millenium

Swords Around the Cross

Catholic Ireland and the Nine Years War

The Monastic Tradition

An Introduction to the History and Spirituality of Christian Monasticism

The Ancient Church

A History of the Church of the First Millennium


The Crescent and the Cross


Origins and History

The Ancient and Biblical World

Preparing the Way of the Lord

Enlightenment and Revolution

The Road to the Guillotine

The Protestant Revolution

Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli


Islam and Christianity at War

Saint Dominic and the Preachers

A Crusade for the Kingdom

Pope Benedict

Inside the Vatican

Pope Benedict

A Vision for Our Time

Catechism 102

The Creed

Who Are You?

The Perennial Question of Mankind

Salvation History Bible Study

Learn How to Read the Bible as One Book

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