I have with joy learned of the detailed efforts which you and your co-workers in the Institute for Catholic Culture are making to bring Christ to people, to promote adult formation in the Catholic faith handed on undiluted, and to reach out to people who need it most. Darkness is best dispelled by light. May Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour bless your apostolate abundantly.
– Francis Card. Arinze

The Institute of Catholic Culture is a burning fire of hope, and a safe haven where the saving truths of the Catholic Faith are being taught with clarity! The Institute of Catholic Culture is the answer to the Church’s call for a new evangelization!
– Fr. Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R.

FessioEven in the best of times, we all need continually to deepen our knowledge of the Faith. But these aren’t the best of times. Finding a vacuum in catechesis is often preferable to finding the devastating results of Catholicism Lite. For those of us who have survived the Age of Confusion, it is a great encouragement to see organizations like the Institute of Catholic Culture growing and thriving.
– Rev. Joseph Fessio, S.J. (Founder, Ignatius Press)

ScaliaFor over three years, I have been associated with newly-ordained Deacon Sabatino Carnazzo and the Institute of Catholic Culture. I am proud to be part of the ICC, which is unabashedly dedicated to converting our world to Christ and His Church. I have watched the Institute become a stable, growing organization that is re-igniting the Faith in the hearts of men and women seeking Christ. I am more energized than ever when I think about the potential of the Institute of Catholic Culture to make a fundamental difference in our society … . Our Holy Father has called on the Church to ‘seek new paths of evangelization’ to turn back the tide of secularization that is sweeping across our western world. If anybody is answering the Church’s call to this new mission of evangelization, it is the Institute of Catholic Culture.
– Rev. Paul Scalia (Delegate for Clergy, Diocese of Arlington, VA)

Alice_von_HildebrandWisdom teaches us to perceive the “call of the hour”—that is, what God expects us to do at a particular moment in history. We are indebted to Deacon Sabatino for having understood that his mission is to “baptize” a culture that has degenerated into an “anti-culture.”

Once faith and the accompanying virtue of reverence became polluted by relativism and secularism, the Christian message became so distorted that it now misleads and poisons the world in which we live today. Tradition was abandoned and replaced by “innovations” that inevitably carried a message preventing “modern” man from living in the truth.

The theme of the hour is to go back to “the golden cord of tradition” and revive the magnificent cultural heritage that we inherited and have not betrayed. This is precisely what the Institute of Catholic Culture is doing. This noble mission deserves our full support. It is clearly “the call of the hour.” May God bless it.
– Dr. Alice von Hildebrand (Catholic theologian, philosopher, professor)

The Institute of Catholic Culture deserves the support of every believing Catholic. Most of our country—indeed, most of the world—does not know that Catholic culture exists, let alone what it is. The Institute of Catholic Culture is spreading and voicing it. It is part of what Pope John Paul the Great called the new springtime of the Church. It will be on the cutting edge of the re-evangelization of America and the world in the 21st century. Its work will re-echo in the hearts and minds of our young people, to whose Catholic education I have devoted my life.
– Warren H. Carroll, R.I.P. (Author and founder of Christendom College)

If we desire to stop this crisis in faith, it is absolutely necessary that we begin again to offer a cogent and clear explanation for the truths that we hold. We must once again teach true Catholic history, authentic Catholic philosophy, and orthodox theology to our fellow Catholics. We must equip the faithful with the armament of truth. Today, the Institute of Catholic Culture is doing just that, equipping adult Catholics with the truth of Jesus Christ! Destined to become the paradigm for Catholic adult education in the age of the new evangelization, the Institute of Catholic Culture has spearheaded an educational and cultural revival in the hearts and minds of adults throughout the Washington-metro region.
– Timothy T. O’Donnell, STD, KGCHS (President, Christendom College)

God is opening before the Church the horizons of a humanity more fully prepared for the sowing of the Gospel. I sense that the moment has come to commit all of the Church’s energies to a new evangelization.
– Pope St. John Paul II, Redemptoris Missio 3

As a Deacon of the Church who has dedicated my life’s work to the New Evangelization, I am honored to commend the extraordinary work of the Institute for Catholic Culture. I have never encountered a more faithful and fruitful New Evangelization Apostolate. If I could, I would
replicate it in every Diocese in the United States. I am honored to serve as an advisor.
– Rev. Deacon Keith Fournier (Editor-in-Chief, Catholic Online)

I’ve been generally aware of the Institute of Catholic Culture for some time, and have heard from many quarters of the good work it does … . The quality of this series is outstanding, and a good deal of it is available in audio files on the Institute’s web site for those who cannot attend in person—or for those who, quite rightly, do not wish to forget the message.

The Institute’s program should serve as an example for the efforts of others around the country and the world; but in the meantime, all who can take advantage of the impressive and growing list of audio downloads ought to consider supporting this work.

And if you’re in Northern Virginia, I highly recommend that you check the schedule and join Sabatino Carnazzo for one of his Institute’s truly valuable seminars or lectures. Very few have either the time or financial resources to study in the unfortunately small number of outstanding Catholic colleges and universities available today. The Institute of Catholic Culture is a model for Catholic education and formation that can work for everybody.
– Jeff Mirus (Trinity Communications)

As a seminarian studying in Rome, I have been delighted to discover the online audio repository of the talks sponsored by your institute. Indeed, I am pleased to have access to such a range of great Catholic lectures, from your own insightful and dynamic Bible studies to the sharp and clear analysis of doctrinal questions provided by Dr. William Marshner and all the other talks on such relevant theological and cultural questions. I find these resources which you provide to be both a convenient supplement to my own theological education and an encouraging sign of renewal in the Church as through these talks the lay faithful have remarkable opportunities to benefit from the very best catechesis and to engage their reason and penetrate their Faith more deeply. I am impressed by your fidelity to the Pope and the Magisterium of the Church, your sound appreciation of what is ancient and traditional in our Faith along with keen sensitivity to the true developments in our understanding of the Faith. Your work is certainly a great service to the people in your diocese, but I want you to know that through your mp3 archives posted on your website it reaches to the Universal Church and to its heart in Rome. May God bless you and your work and your benefactors who make this work possible.
– Deacon Frederick, seminarian in Rome

So far, I have listened to the lectures on Napoleon, the Ancient and Biblical world, the Protestant Revolution, the discussion on Chesterton’s Everlasting Man, on Thomas Aquinas, your brother’s presentation on apologetics, and a few other that I can’t remember at the moment. I have a list of many more that I look forward to listening to as well. The instructors are excellent, the topics are excellent, and even the comments from those in attendance are frequently excellent! I am filled with enthusiasm and optimism at your endeavor, and can see here a real hope for the return of a vibrant Catholic Culture. Already I feel like my education here at the seminary has been greatly enhanced, just by the few lectures I have already heard. Everything in them perfectly matches what we are learning, it is like a review session with extra notes to fill in the gaps. I can see the hand of God at work here!
– Deacon Dan, seminarian in Nebraska

I discovered your website after a friend of mine from northern Virginia asked me if I knew about the Institute of Catholic Culture. After listening to your two Intro to Scripture classes I knew I had discovered a goldmine of solid Catholic teaching! Although I already have a degree in theology … I am planning on using your website as a … very important resource to continue my studies and prepare to do some teaching at the local parish here … . Your website is being put to good use. Lay Catholics today need basic, accurate Catholic resources that can be accessed quickly and listened to easily if we are to keep ourselves immersed in truth and be able to evangelize in our daily lives. May God bless you in this important ministry!
– Anne, Florida

Thanks so much for your work with the Institute of Catholic Culture. I’m a 28 year old revert to Catholicism. I went to a Catholic high school, yet it did almost nothing to expose me to the depths of Catholicism. If anything, it discredited it. I came back to the faith through apologists like Scott Hahn, Peter Kreeft and Catholic Answers. These lectures are helping to fill in the gaps I was left with thanks to the abysmal failure of most Catholic institutions. I always complained about the ignorance of most Catholics, which was a big reason I stopped practicing the faith in the first place. Thanks so much for finally doing something about that! These lectures amaze me with their intellectual depth and clarity.
– Jim, Florida

Thank you for the wonderful and informative events that you make possible through the Institute of Catholic Culture. As a Catholic still in the making (I hope to be entering into full communion with the Catholic Church this Easter Vigil), the Institute’s lectures and events have proven to be an irreplaceable source of revelation and inspiration. It has made an enormous difference in my preparation for the Catholic faith, together with my RCIA program, to be able to put Christ first in all of my comings and goings in daily life. I particularly enjoy the familial atmosphere during the sessions which I believe parallels God’s ultimate desire for the Faithful to be united with him in eternity as a family … . I find it brilliant how you are using modern technology to reach out worldwide. It is exciting to watch the Institute grow. … Being able to use the Internet to catch up on past lectures is invaluable, especially when my schedule doesn’t permit me to attend in person. I find myself being able to pass on things that I have learned in your sessions.
– Rebecca, northern Virginia

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